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Nike Premier 2.0 (SG Anti-Clog) Review

Nike premier 2.0, it’s in the name. A premier boot that had been around the scene for years. All the way back to when Nike decided to give each player in the 1994 World Cup final a pair, a match contested between Brazil and Italy. Since then this boot has captured hearts. Simple, elegant and traditional.

The boot is the classic recipe of extreme comfort, forgiveness and style. Keen to not be stuck in the 90’s they have also brought some new technology into the boot with a stiffer, quicker sole plate and ‘Anti-Clog’ technology which is featured across the entire Nike SG (soft-ground) family. No matter how boggy the surface, gone are the days of picking mud off your boots at half time. Whilst seeming a publicity stunt for pure sales the soles of the boots really do work, much less mud is getting caught in between studs on a Sunday morning, something that can really affect your game.

Another great trait about these boots is the comfort. Too often we see new boots, particularly the lace-less variety which give no room for your foot to breath. The premiers have a generous toe box, perfect for someone who has slightly wider feet.

Finally, durability. The simple fact is that If you care for your leather boots the same way your Dad had to when we was young, with a good old fashioned scrub and some leather dubbing (essential) these boots could well outlast your playing career.

Main points/Overview
1. SG Anti Clog Technology means no mud sticking to the bottom of the boot, slides off as you play.
2. Kangaroo Leather contributes to extreme comfort in the boot, no blisters or rubbing even after first wear.
3. Incredibly Durable.

No outstanding points to add, Jake wears a UK 7 trainer and shoe, believes these fit true to size, due to the thickness of football socks/grip socks – he wears this boot in a UK 7.5.
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