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Trusox vs Tapedesign – the battle of the Grip Sock

As technology surrounding the game is always modernising, we are seeing the emergence of new products that enhance performance constantly. Grip socks are at the forefront of new football technology, and they carry a lot of hype. Most top level footballers can be seen sporting a pair on match day, especially attacking players. The two main developers of grip socks are Trusox & TapeDesign, but which is best?

Trusox – Arguably a pioneer in the grip sock game, N//EXtech, non slip performance pads on the bottom keep your foot firmly gripped to the bottom of your boot to avoid slipping and loosening of the boot. For years I hated the fact that 20 minutes into a game I’d find my foot moving about inside my boot. Also, these socks look great on match day, the grip pad design on the bottom carries on up the sock meaning you look like you mean business when kick off comes around. These are priced at roughly £30 and last a good 2 seasons, at the end of my second season wearing the same pair I started to notice the pads wearing/peeling off, which is only natural for any product being washed in a machine once a week and worn for 90 minutes each match. Overall I think these are a great investment if you are a tricky player who twists and turns sharply during a match, and costing roughly £15 per season based on my own personal experience, they are definitely worth the money.
Size guide – I personally wear a UK 8 trainer, Nike boot UK 8.5, Adidas UK 9, and in the Trusox I wear a “M” (medium).
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TapeDesign – Originally designed for netball players, 2018 saw the emergence of TapeDesign socks in Football, modelled by players such as Alexandre Lacazette of Arsenal, Ivan Rakitic of Barcelona and even Neymar of PSG – and there is a reason for that. Unlike the Trusox which feature loads of little sticky pads, the TapeDesign sock has mini suction cups on the bottom, providing much greater grip than the Trusox sock. However, one criticism I would have is that if you wear a boot with a sock like entry point, such as any of the high top/laceless boots, it is quite a struggle getting your boots on, as the grip suction cup pads stick so firmly to any surface! Should you wear any other style of boot you will be fine however.

If i had to rate both socks level of grip out of 10, I would give the Trusox a 8/10 and the TapeDesign 10/10.

Size guide – I personally wear a UK 8 trainer, Nike boot UK 8.5, Adidas UK 9. The TapeDesign sock comes in only one size, but mine fit me perfectly, like any standard Nike tube sock in an “M” (Medium) would fit me.
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