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About Us

Both Jake and myself have been obsessed with football since we could walk. One thing we were (and still are) specifically obsessed with is football boots; how they feel on the foot, how they affect the way we play and most importantly, how they look on match day.

Have you ever lusted for a pair of boots but wondered how they would feel or fit on your foot before purchasing? The price of football boots, as well as any equipment or apparel, is constantly soaring. Most people do not want to invest in a new pair of boots online, only for them to not be the right fit for you. We’ve got you covered.

At Boot Review we strive to give our users the best possible independent advice on all sorts of football equipment. From newly released football boots to old school classic equipment that all generations have used. Our vision is to be the ‘go to’ website for football equipment reviews and advice. From our informative website to our engaging YouTube videos we will have you covered.

We list the most trusted platforms to purchase any equipment that we review on our website with price monitoring and discount codes available.

We are sure you will find our site useful.

Liam & Jake, founders of Boot Review

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